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Trekking around Pune

Pune - India
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Folks looking for trekking mates can collaborate here. I have been to many nice treks as Pune city is surrounded by plenty of them. If you are in Pune and wish to go out on a trek any day. Do message here we can plan it together.

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Manoj Kumar 1 year ago
Hi bro good evening
San Deep 1 year ago
If anybody is willing to go out for trekking into the beautiful cliffs around pune..let me know.we can make some plans together
Pankaj Keswani 1 year ago
Puneet Khushwani Kedar Chandrayan Swaminathan Jayaraman Deepesh Kumar Nath I think you guys should be here.
San Deep 1 year ago
Gaurav Rangne 1 year ago
Nice pic bro
San Deep 1 year ago
Cloud Formations
San Deep 1 year ago
Lohgad in Pune, India
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