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Two days in Helsinki

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Restaurants, shops and places to go and see in Helsinki during cold January season

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Lawrence Chu 1 year ago
Da best 👍👍👍
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Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
No problem! I've been to Helsinki a dozen times so I've got some good insights. If you also want some casual places let me know.
Lawrence Chu 1 year ago
Cool! Saw it on our list too. Will chk out. Thx!
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Do you want hotel tips or anything else?
Jason Goldberg 1 year ago
Another place I've really enjoyed is Chef & Sommelier - altho it's a bit more fussy. Very good tho, artful dishes.
Chef & Sommelier - Helsinki : a Michelin Guide restaurant
Hey Lawrence Chu there's a place I keep going back to again and again in Helsinki for modern interpretations of Finnish food.

Restaurant review: Juuri Sapas Helsinki Finland @ Not Quite Nigella
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Lawrence Chu 1 year ago
Any suggestions folks?