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Vegan Food Travel

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It can be a struggle finding food to chow down on. Share your favourite vegan food finds or vegan food tips along your adventures around the world to help fellow vegan food travellers. From restaurants to home recipes share it all!Travel on! ✌🏼️🌿✈️

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Sophia Asmoun 12 months ago
vegan pizza i made for diner, ✌ from morocco
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Corbett Fertig 1 year ago
Any vegan food restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago?
Corbett Fertig 1 year ago
That looks awesome!!! Did you make that!!??
My vegan sushi set 😍
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Igor Lenivtsev 1 year ago
vegan breakfast in my hood in Tel Aviv
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Sam Sompong 1 year ago
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Corbett Fertig 1 year ago
I LOVE ramen!! Is it a yearly event??
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Francesco Sisco 1 year ago
There is an amazing veg festival of ramen 🍜 in Berlin on 9-10 of Feb at Matcha-Matcha if anyone is a lover!
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Darshan Jain 1 year ago
Vegetarian Healthy food
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Ile Nosy 11 months ago
Hi! It looks very good 😊 can u tell me the recipe? Thank u a lot!
Corbett Fertig 1 year ago
If anyone of ever traveling to Ottawa, Canada, The Capital city, check this place out!
Corbett Fertig 1 year ago
Ha ha the same thing crosses my mind. Anytime I go into a Vietnamese restaurant and I specify no fish, Im always worried there will be. Then when I eat it I think I can taste it but it's probably all in my head. Ha ha your for sure not crazy haha good to know I am not! Your right, I think at some point you just have to let it go. I have to start trying to lol.
Kristen Hendricks 1 year ago
Please do! I love the food in Vietnam, but was always slightly paranoid there'd be fish sauce in it by mistake after asking for soy instead. Am I crazy? At some point you have to let go I think :) what were your thoughts?
Corbett Fertig 1 year ago
I'm trying to pull a few places from Vietnam and will do some restaurant postings
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