Vietnam - Ask The Experts - Travel, Foodie, Photography - Pepo - Jan 22 2017, 06.59.09 PM UTC


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All about Vietnam!!

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Javier Jiménez 10 months ago
Hello! I will arrive to Phu Quoc today. Let me know if anybody is there to hang out
Javier Jiménez 11 months ago
Hello, im going to travel in south Eastern Asia, starting in Vietnam, then Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. and arrive eventually to Nepal
I'm preparing the clothes I'm going to take with me but I would like to have your advises :)
Thank you in advance
Agung Narmada 1 year ago
Bun Cha 145 Bui Vien. Best Bun Cha in Ho Chi Minh
Dennis Hazril 1 year ago
Anyone from HCM?
Megha Agrawal 1 year ago
Best cocktail in Vietnam... Sorrow of war at gecko in Hanoi
Megha Agrawal 1 year ago
This chat is all about Vietnam... Places to stay... Places to visit... Food to eat... Drinks etc 😊